Letters to The Editor: Week of April 23-29, 2019

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From: Bill Borock (CCBA President) / wborock@hotmail.com

To: Scott Stiffler, Founder/Editor, ChelseaCommunityNews.com

Date: March 12, 2019

The Council of Chelsea Block Associations (CCBA) is comprised of 16 Block Associations and three Tenant Associations, covering 34 blocks in Chelsea. As president of CCBA, I am writing to you to let you know we miss you.

Since you left your position at Chelsea Now, the coverage of Chelsea activities and CCBA have been very limited, seemingly non-existent.

One important example is that we, the CCBA, received the community service award from the Hudson Guild, and not one word was mentioned in the “new” Chelsea Now, nor its sister publication, The Villager.

Scott, we miss your reaching out to CCBA, asking if we had some news for possible inclusion in Chelsea Now.

We miss your giving us the opportunity to have a Talking Point in Chelsea Now. We miss just having the opportunity to call you with information CCBA would like to be covered.

We miss having the opportunity to have stories publicizing what CCBA does, like the lengthy article you did about our history, and how we were formed.

Scott, you know how we feel about your work and relationship to the Chelsea community — and that is why we contributed something toward your proposed new work endeavor. But it’s not the same without you.

Scott, we miss you. Come back…

Bill Borock, CCBA President

For the Council of Chelsea Block Associations

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