Letters to the Editor: The Judy Richheimer Edition (comments culled from reader comments)

Photo by Erik Bottcher

Re: Losing a Chelsea Hero: Judy Richheimer Remembered as a Relentless Activist, Journalist, Friend” (3/30/2020)

I am a longtime Chelsea resident, but first became acquainted with Judy when she began writing and interviewing for her series in Chelsea Now on disability advocacy and the campaign for subway accessibility for people with disabilities, “elevators for everyone.”

Her perceptions and observations came from both her sensitivity and from her political perspective of injustice and discrimination. The articles were written in a lively descriptive style and engaging, not wonky or preachy! We would bump into each other in Chelsea, especially food shopping. I was taken by how eager she was to connect me to other activists for disability rights and with potential public political allies. I last saw her on March 11, at a court hearing on holding the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act because of inaccessible subways, a court case she was following as it went slowly slowly through multiple hearings. I still have her text in my phone, double checking the court hearing time, and saying she “loved” that the hearing was in the afternoon, not the early morning!–Miriam Fisher

& considering what is now going on in the world–Covid-19–what is the probability of this NYS Court Consolidation going through in the current -& I mean current- budget ? + what are the positions of our local State officials? I live in Chelsea, NY, NY so I’m referring to Dick Gottfried and Brad Hoylman & what are their takes on whether this consolidation will go\ through now.. if not now then perhaps we-‘local political Joes and Janes need to consider being vigilant in the future-near & far. Thank you.–Phyllis Shanley

Once again, Chelsea Community News has come through for us in Chelsea, providing a platform for us to share our grief for the loss of one of our own to this scourge. Thank you Scott.—Pamela Wolff

Photo of Judy Richheimer by Donathan Salkaln


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