This Week in Chelsea: December 28, 2020-January 3, 2021

Thurs., Dec. 31 and Jan. 7: Free COVID-19 Testing | See the below flyer for details.

Head to the Flatiron District as daylight wanes, and experience the “Point of Action” installation in all of its “NYC is a movie set made for you” glory. | Image courtesy of the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership

Well-Rounded: ’23 Days of Flatiron Cheer’ Square Deals will Extend to End of Year–and beyond | From social distancing to Zoom microphone mishaps to canned goods you’ll never use, the list of things we won’t miss about 2020 is long–so it’s good to know that some of the best features about the first few weeks of December are sticking around through the end of this tumultuous year, if not beyond. Wrapping up its official calendar of events this Wednesday, many of the retail and culinary delights that formed the backbone of the ninth annual 23 Days of Flatiron Cheer will continue on, they assure us. The extensive restaurant and bar-based programming was “designed to accommodate potential changes to coronavirus restrictions,” said Megan Garcia, Director of Marketing & Outreach for Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership, the area BID and the brains behind the bargains meant to bolster area businesses.

“The current closure of indoor dining does not affect the program,” assured Garcia, which features “deals that include outdoor dining, takeout, delivery, and gift card purchases, both in person and online.” For more information, visit Still in down-to-the-wire mode for gift-giving? Click here to visit the Partnership’s Holiday District Deals page. Do your shopping on site, and stop by the Flatiron Public Plazas on Broadway, Fifth Ave., and 23rd St. There, though Jan. 1, 2021, you’ll be well-positioned to document your moment in time at Point of Action, an interactive art installation that encourages participants to contemplate “how we connect to the people we see every day so that we can move forward together,” said Nina Cooke John, Founder and Principal of Point design firm Studio Cooke John.

Six-foot circles affixed onto the Flatiron Public Plazas create nine “spotlights,” each with its own vertical metal frame. Ropes weave through each frame and part, like a curtain figuratively pulled aside, to make room for the viewer to take the spotlight, connect with other viewers across the Plazas, and take action as they move out and beyond. Lighting emitted from a halo above each circle strengthens the framing; lights embedded into the sides of each frame add another layer to the viewer. Pro tip: Plan your visit for the short time it takes to go from daylight to dusk to darkness, and experience Point of Action in all of its cerebral, cinematic, instagrammable glory. For more information on the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership, click here to visit their website.

Through Tues., Jan. 5: The West 400 Block Association’s Annual “Treecycle” Program at Clement Clarke Moore Park |It’s getting to be that time of year again–when the trademark decoratives of another certain time of year have aged out of relevance and, well, otherwise aged not-so-gracefully. In a year where little to no normalcy was the norm, many of our holiday traditions remained intact, including the purchase of trees and wreaths from sidewalk vendors. With the new year here, it’s time to clear out even the best of the Christmas clutter. That can be done in one simple trip to Clement Clarke Moore Park (10th Ave. & W. 22nd St.), where the park’s beloved pair of seal statues will stand sentry over those trees and wreaths. Upon collection, they’ll “help provide mulch for our community green spaces,” notes the W. 400 Block Association’s event promo flyer (see it, directly below).

          See the below flyer for details on MULCHFEST (through Sat., Jan. 9, 2021)










L to R: Mary Angela Granberry, John Pickup, Claudia Lynn Rightmire, Corry Ethridge. | Photo courtesy of Regina Gamboa

Streaming through Sun., Jan. 10: My First Nutcracker | Billed as a breezy introduction to the classic story children will be encountering every holiday season for the rest of their lives, My First Nutcracker puts itself in contention for Family Night viewing of choice on mere concept alone—but its affiliation with New York City Children’s Theater (NYCCT) seals the deal. Filmed live at Theater Row, the interactive, visually appealing family musical debuted last year to critical acclaim from theater’s most brutally honest critics—the audience members, ages 3-8, it was created for. Mary Angela Granberry makes her My First debut alongside original cast members Corry J. Ethridge, John Pickup, and Claudia Lynn Rightmire. Through Jan. 10. Tickets are $25 per family. The show 45-minute show arrives with bonus at-home videos and activities for kids. To order, visit the NYCCT website by clicking here.





Wed., Dec. 30, 7pm via Zoom: The Final 10th Precinct Community Council of 2020 | From disrupted work schedules to multiple occasions for overeating to earworm music that lingers long into 2021 calendar, the disorienting effects of the holiday season can have all of us asking at lease once,  “What day is it?” Consult your calendar and find yourself staring at Wed., Dec. 30 and let it click that the final Wed. of the month (Dec. 30 in this case) is when the 10th Precinct Community Council will meet. Now on Zoom until further notice, the Council invites the general public to learn about the latest crime statistics, and pose questions directly to the Captain Robert Gault, the Commanding Officer at whose desk the buck stops. This will be Gault’s fourth Council meeting since arriving at his new assignment on Sept. 21, after leading the Times Square Unit for two years.

Click here to attend the Wed., Dec. 30 7pm meeting via Zoom, and click here for our own Q&A with Captain Gault. Between monthly Council meetings, click here to visit their Facebook page.

Sun, Dec. 13, 6pm: Chelsea Community Church’s 46th Annual Candlelight Carol Service / To view the service, click here and go to the “videos” section. For more info, see the below flyer.

The Dec. 13 service is now available to view, via Chelsae Community Church’s Facebook page (see the”Videos” section)

Thurs., Dec. 17, 6-8pm Online Public Virtual Forum: Chelsea NYCHA Working Group Proposal for Renovation and Preservation of Elliott-Chelsea and Fulton Developments | After the notion of a public/private partnership was first floated as a way to pay for repairs and ongoing maintenance at New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) properties, Working Groups were held to address the needs and concerns of Chelsea’s NYCHA tenants. This Virtual Forum brings you up to speed on what came out of those meetings. NOTE: With a runtime of just over 90 minutes, the unedited lifestream recording of this Zoom-based Forum is available to view via CNB4’s YouTube channel. To access that recording, click here.

–Compiled by Scott Stiffler


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