Dog of the Day: Macchia the Dalmatian

Photo by Alice
Photo by Alice

BY BRIAN DONOVAN | Today’s featured dog is Macchia the Dalmatian. He is 1 year old, and fluent in English and Italian, just like his mother, Alice (not pronounced like the American “AL-ISS” but in Italian, so that it sounds like “ceviche.”

I met both of them last weekend at Il Piccolo (508 W. 28th St.).

While talking, she floated the idea of making a dog park out of the vacant lot on W. 29th and 10th Ave. I’m sort of taken with the idea and am looking into it. As for Macchia, there are reasons to be taken with him besides his grasp of two languages.

Other Skills Include:


—Laying down


—Active listening

—Negotiation and nonverbal communication.

Interests include eating random things on the street.

—He never wears the same thing twice.

For Macchia’s Instagram, click here.


Dog of the Day is reprinted with permission from the author. It first appeared as a March 1, 2021 entry on, the website of the High Line 28 Block Association (“For humans residing on 28th & 29th Streets between 10th & 11th Avenues”). To visit the website and learn more about this new block association, click here.

Photo by Alice

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Photo by Alice


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