Zimmer on Dance, Pride Edition: Performance Mix Festival, Queer Butoh

Screenshot by CCNews via newdancealliance.org

BY ELIZABETH ZIMMER | Performance Mix Festival, June 10-13 | This venerable fete celebrates its 35th anniversary with four days of in-person outdoor performances, live stream, installations, and screenings, featuring work by queer artists from across North America. On opening night at 8:30pm, Anh Vo presents a live performance of non-binary pussy, a “revolutionary concert, fusing pop entertainment and political propaganda to produce an immersive experience and, ideally, a collective transformation.June 11 at 3pm, Toronto-based Andrew Tay’s livestream explores “moving toward the future body…a performance of queer moments of reflection, transformation, dream, and perversion, offering the body as a landscape and making skin and flesh the site for magic, illusion, fantasy, horror, and desire.” That evening at 8pm, a shared program of video and film includes another work of Tay’s. June 10-13 at various times, Movement Research at 122 Community Center (150 First Ave.). For tickets ($15-$20) and info, respectively, click on these two links. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/performance-mix-35-festival-tickets-148495675563 and newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival.

XUE (aka Sher Chew), in a performance of “Flowers.” | Photo by Richie Duque

Queer Butoh 2021, June 15 & 22 | The 20th century Japanese form known as Butoh has always manifested aspects of homoeroticism. This month Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute collaborates with Howl Arts to present a multi-national video series of hourlong programs in which artists show their work and discuss the intersection of Butoh and queerness.

Damiano Fina, in a 2017 performance of “The Presage of the Phoenix.” | Photo by Riccardo Panozzo

On the first of three Tuesdays, Singapore’s XUE offers Flowers. The second week, watch Damiano Fina of Italy in his Hellos. On June 22, South African Tebby Ramasike performs In Search of a Soul: A Blind Man’s Cry … the appeal. Free. June 15 and 22 at 8pm, streaming at Howlarts.org. Also visit vangeline.com and https://vimeo.com/vangeline.

Tebby Ramasike, in a performance of “In Search of a Soul.” | Photo by Didier Berthelot & Fabrice Pairault



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