A Post-Primary Statement from Phelan Dante Fitzpatrick

Below, find a social media posting by NYC Council District 3 candidate Phelan Dante Fitzpatrick, one of six who ran for the Councilmember seat to be vacated by term-limited Speaker Corey Johnson. Following the photo, find the statement’s text. Want more? Click on the instances of words in red.

L TO R: Phelan Dante Fitzpatrick and his daughter., and the statement he released the day after June 22’s Primary. | Photo courtesy of Fitzpatrick

BY PHELAN DANTE FITZPATRICK | So many texts and calls today to see how I’m doing post-election, and the overwhelming feeling since I woke up is grateful. Grateful to my friends and family and neighbors for their endless support—emotional and financial—to my incredibly smart, dedicated, and hardworking team. But most of all, I’m grateful for this life-changing experience and the opportunity to serve my community.

My hope is that the small movement we started—to shine a bright light on the political machine and to hold our leaders accountable for actually helping those who live and work in this district, the West Side—will continue well beyond last night’s results. I am proud of what our campaign accomplished over the past year, and promise to keep the work alive.

Erik [Bottcher] has his work cut out for him, and I wish him the absolute best, and Godspeed, as his success, now means success for the people of District 3. He will need our entire community’s support, and I know all of the candidates will stand firmly behind him, and stay committed to improving our communities.


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