Haunting Images of Halloween 2021, in the Wild West 20s

Ah, October 31, 2021–Were we ever that young? Ghosts and Goblins were sent packing to make room for the month of giblets and gobblers, as Halloween gave way to November 1–but not without a fight. The five below pix, snapped and sent to us by Allen Oster, depict West 22nd Street, between 4:40and 6pm on October 31. “Fabulous turn-out of families and kids from all parts of the city,” noted Oster, “many wearing the most creative homemade costumes.” Following that, find pix of a Chelsea residence whose residents took the concept of exterior seasonal decoration to lofty artistic and technical heights. (That content is culled from the most recent newsletter created by our scary-good friends at the West 400 Block Association.)

“Scary, beautiful, thematic, whimsical, colorful, great attention to detail, not to mention lights, animation, and a haunting voice when one reaches the front door,” said the contest judges, adding, “Very well-done, 449 W21!”   


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