Pluck of the Irish: West 400 Block Association Hosts ‘Wee Bit Early’ St. Patrick’s Celebration

March 18, 2022

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly proper, March 17-appropriate clothing and composure of the gentleman to your left. This photo was NOT taken yesterday.

It is, in fact, a still frame from the action-packed Pre-Saint Patrick’s Day shindig sponsored by the West 400 Block Association last Sunday, March 13, at Clement Clarke Moore Park (W. 22nd St. & 10th Ave.).

“The bagpiper was the big draw,” a block association member told us, noting, “Folks kind of piled in once he started playing. He was basically making the morning announcement to the surrounding blocks that the event started.”

Much of the neighborhood now sufficiently roused, those who poured into the park were rewarded for their curiosity. Giveaways included live shamrock plants, plastic shamrock rings, and treat bags of rainbow-colored candy (to grow a rainbow) and chocolates in gold foil (aka leprechaun loot). Holiday-themed stickers and coloring activities kept the kids (and a few adults, we’re betting) focused on the festivities at hand, and happy to have their St. Patrick’s Day a “wee” bit early.

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By Scott Stiffler

Pluck of the Irish: This widely distributed flyer, a fast turnaround project, came about when the original date (Sat., March 12) was rescheduled due to rain. | Image courtesy of W400BA



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