To New York Street Fairs


…words & images from the five boroughs & points beyond

“To New York Street Fairs”



In the spell of afternoon sun

everything regenerates.

Silver earrings shine.

Spices scent the air.

Bonsai thrive.


Nothing hangs too high

or forces for you to bend

like a supplicant.

You move from a booth

of rainbow-colored hoodies

to a booth of wooden puppets

thin strings tangle-free.


Photo by Paul Groncki

You need a summer hat,

and here they are. Check

your look in the mirror.

Next, a miracle

microfiber cloth:

Wipe out resistant spots!

And if you’re tired, you

can even get a massage.


Locals recall

last week’s uptown fair.

Suburbanites buy pickles.

Tourists buy selfie-sticks.



Photo by Anastasia Damato

Dogs relax their leashes, take stock.

The cocker spaniel wants ice cream.

The Pekinese sports a pink barrette.

The beagle sniffs and sniffs and sniffs.


Predicted rain threatens our day:

Vendors start packing their vans.

Pedestrians look for awnings.

But the sun surprises. Stays.










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