Scary Good Halloween-Themed Stuff Whose Time Cometh

Through Oct. 31: IT: A Musical Parody at Chelsea Table + Stage Stephen King’s killer-clown-feeds-on-fears novel—adapted as a 1990 TV miniseries and 2017/2019 theatrical releases—gets the musical parody treatment in a stage adaptation that pours on the nail-biting horror while acknowledging the only-in-fiction absurdities that pile up faster than the victim body count. Taking place in Derry, Maine (check mark #1 on our King clichés list), the plot picks up just as a shapeshifting entity (appearing in human form as Pennywise the Dancing Clown) emerges from his long hibernation for a murder spree that picks on the town’s low-hanging fruit—aka a group of “young outcasts” who are quick to figure out what’s up, and then make a ranks-thinning vow to “band together to overcome their fears and battle the infamous, monstrous demonic evil.” Bloodshed ensues, of course, but this time with musical numbers—so let the carnage begin!

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