NYPD Wants Your Help Identifying Individuals Targeting Nightlife Patrons

Over the weekend came word from Chelsea’s 10th Precinct—an appeal to the community, to keep your eyes peeled for the individuals in two “WANTED” flyers created by the NYPD and published by Chelsea Community News below. The men are wanted in connection with the victimization of nightlife patrons in the Chelsea area and beyond.

“The subject connected to the 9th Precinct incident appears to be the same individual depicted in the 10th Precinct robbery that occurred by the club zone in the Meatpacking District,” noted Captain Robert Gault, Commanding Officer of the 10th Precinct. “These alleged perpetrators have been targeting male nightlife patrons and removing phones. We believe these individuals are organized, deliberate, and seem to be specific in their targeting of inebriated male nightlife patrons.”

Two such incidents occurred just outside of the Eagle NYC, a gay men’s bar on West 28th Street, near 11th Ave. The removal of phones Gault referred to above is not the totality of the crimes: It’s believed the victims were lured out of the bar and inside a nearby vehicle. That’s when the phones were held up to their inebriated or unconscious owners, at which point facial recognition tech would unlock the device, allowing the thieves to make unauthorized purchases or access banking information.

 “If any of these individuals are recognized or seen in the area,” said Gault, of the men in the flyers, “please let us know right away, as there is probable cause for their arrest.

Regarding the November 19 Flyer: Anyone with information regarding the subject, please notify Officer CHRISTOPHE LAZARRE at 212-477-7809 OR Detective Borough Manhattan South at 212-477-7447. Investigator: Officer CHRISTOPHE LAZARRE / Command Assigned: 238-9 DET SQUAD / Case# 2022-4085 / Complaint Report# 2022-009-07222.

Regarding the January 28 Flyer: Anyone with information regarding the subject, please notify Det. KEVIN OUELLETTE at 212-741-8245 OR Detective Borough Manhattan South at 212-477-7447. Investigator: Det. KEVIN OUELLETTE / Command Assigned: 239-10 DET SQUAD / Case# 2023-13 / Complaint Report# 2023-010-00402.

Compiled by Scott Stiffler


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