You’re Fired: 60,000 Shells Sent Skyward for Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks

In a rousing summertime tradition second only to complaints about the humidity, the 47th annual Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display did its duty to entertain in the grand style we’ve come to expect. Launching some 60,000 shells from a series of barges stationed Midtown in the East River, this year’s pyrotechnic parade included, according to the event’s “By the Numbers” page, “a mile-wide waving flag with red, white & blue palm & strobing shells, a sunflower ring with crackling pistil shells, red stop-sign shaped effects, and new Ghost pyro that featured four different alternating hues.” The sparkling spectacle spanned a mile across the East River, reaching heights of 1,000 feet. Each 60-second portion of the 25-minute extravaganza boasted approximately 2,400 shells and effects. Arriving early–and staying on until the people who like to say, “Well, I guess that was it” were finally right–was our photographer Christian Miles. Below is a collection of the biggest, brightest, boldest bombs bursting in mid-air that Miles managed to freeze in time.—By Scott Stiffler



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