Get Off Your Duff and On the Right Course, at Puttery NYC

Open for business–and group-friendly fun–as of March 7, 2024, Puttery NYC (446 W. 14th St.) is the latest addition to the nationwide chain putting an immersive, culinary and cocktail-friendly spin on the mini golf concept. We recently posed a few questions to Puttery Business Development Manager Alice Smith. Below, find the informative results.

Scott Stiffler, for Chelsea Community News (CCNews): For those who are new to mini golf, or haven’t been putting in quite some time, what makes this a desirable group activity?

Alice Smith, Puttery Business Development Manager (Alice): It’s a vibe—that’s the key component! Puttery provides an immersive experience of competitive socializing and creative culinary/cocktail creations! THE Best in music. THE Best staff. It’s an elevated and upscale experience.

CCNews: How many holes in your mini golf courses, and what’s the experience like along the way?

Alice: Each one of our themed courses has 9 holes. While playing the course, there are also many clever, Instagram-friendly photo ops. The décor and theme of a Puttery course makes you take a closer look! Plus, each course houses specialty cocktails that match, like our “Fire Side” cocktail that “Sips” perfectly with the Lodge-themed course.

CCNews: How many courses does the NYC location have? What themes have appeared at your other locations and proven to be popular?

Alice: New York has two state-of-the-art courses: Our Museum Course and Lodge Course. We really pride ourselves in that area, and the overall ambiance of Puttery. All of our 10 locations have themes courses that range from the fan favorite “Library” in Houston to the “Garage” in Pittsburgh.

CCNews: Puttery NYC also has a strong food/drink social element to it. How does that relate to the playing of a game, and the before/after element?

Alice: You cannot do NYC without those components! In addition to priding ourselves in our ambiance and courses, our “ Sips & Savor” are just as important! The scratch kitchen boasts a delectable menu ranging from Charcuterie Boards to Filet Mignon. At our Meatpacking District location, you will find our menu is elevated, as we launch new bites. Our restaurant is open for all guests and you don’t have to putt to indulge in our delicious culinary creations!

CCNews: Talk about some specific food and drink items from the custom menu.

Alice: Culinary Creations include Crostini, Lemon Poached Cod., and 6 different sliders, including Beef Tenderloin and Crabcake. Our desserts are equally appetizing—we’re talking Double Chocolate Brownies, Key Lime Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake, all made from scratch!

CCNews: I’m going next week with a group. I have a strong competitive streak, so I’m paying an early solo visit to Puttery. What should I be aware of, to improve my skills? Do you have Golf Pros/coaches on site?

Alice: You know, the best thing to bring? You’re A-Game, positive aura, and eagerness to be the best! Puttery courses are untraditional, and you just never know where the next hole takes you—that’s the part of the Puttery experience guests like most. I think a few swings of the putter and a test of the wind should put your golf ball where it needs to be! You will want to perfect that swing! We have leader boards in the course that showcase our top players. So, is there a professional in the building? Yes—it’s you! We also have a concierge service that will get you going on the course and make sure you have your Signature Cocktail in hand!

CCNews: We’ll drink to that! Thanks for your time in answering these questions—and welcome to NYC. 

Click here to visit Puttery NYC online, and book your visit to their 446 West 14th Street location in Manhattan.

Puttery NYC’s museum-themed course.


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