Pride Murals Invite Public Participation; Bottcher Brokers Building Beautification Via Mural Installation

This 24ft x 5ft Pride Month mural at Chelsea Market welcomes public participation. | Image of mural in its completed form courtesy of Glorianna Restrepo and Militza Schwartz

Pride-Themed Community Murals Increase Their ‘Numbers’ as Public Paints 

Pride Month goes out in epic fashion on June 30th, as the annual NYC Pride March makes its way down Fifth Ave., into the Village, and up Seventh Ave. to its Chelsea dispersal point. All along the route, a righful sense of belonging is felt every time spectators cheer on a passing contingent, or snap an adoring selfie alongside a roller skating drag queen with magic wand in one hand, identically dressed lap dog in the other. Through July 5, Chelsea Market and Pier 57 keep that spirit of Pride Month going strong with two interactive celebrations of LGBTQIA+ identity. Developed by Glorianna Restrepo and Militza Schwartz—partners in art and in life—the Pride-themed murals were inspired by their passion for creative expression and the queer community. And—in the spirit of inclusion—Restrepo and Schwartz are presenting their artwork as “paint by numbers” projects. Through public participation, the murals will take shape—literally—while in the hands of locals and visitors. The scenes are simple, matter-of-fact scenaros set in a park during Pride: Picnics take place, kites take flight, and friends skate down a rainbow path that seems to go on forever. The snapshot scenes of lives lived in a manner of carefree joy and casual equality strip Pride of its aspirational context and celebrate the fun to be had when we’re one for all, and all for one.

This interactive art opportunity is on display through July 5 and available for participation daily, between 11am and 6pm in the Living Room space at Pier 57 (25 11th Ave. at W. 15th St.) and Chelsea Market (W. 15th St. btw. 9th & 10th Aves.). To access the mural’s Pier 57 event page, click here. To access the mural’s Chelsea Market event page, click here. Check out more work by Restrepo and Schwartz on Instagram via @itsmilitzamila  & @gloriannadoes, and @shopthanksdad.

This 16ft x 8ft Pride Month mural, at Pier 57, takes shape the “paint by numbers” way. | Image of mural in its completed form courtesy of Glorianna Restrepo and Militza Schwartz

Mural Artwork Offers D3 Building Owners Aesthetic Upgrade

NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher—whose District 3 (D3) area of coverage includes Chelsea—wants to hear from D3 property owners who are “open to having a mural installed on your building.” In a May 29 posting to Chelsea NYC Bulletin Board (a Facebook group), the Council Member noted his office is “working with organizations interested in putting murals up around the Council district. Please email if you are interested. We’d love to partner with you!”


Smart Idea: With builing owner approval, Chelsea could have more sights like the Einstein Mural (West 21st St. & Eighth Ave.) | Photo by Scott Stiffler
May, 2021: The mural at West 22nd St. & Seventh Ave. begins to take shape. | File photo by OPTIMONYC
December 22, 2021: After some unwelcome graffiti, the mural’s been restored. | File photo by Scott Stiffler
“GIANT,” by OSGEMEOS and Futura, appeared on the side of PS11 in 2010, but was lost due to construction on the exterior of the school. | File photo by Kristen Ancillotti
October 2023, north side of West 37th Street: With his mural “Ancestral Harmony,” Dennis RedMoon Darkeem honors the descendants of East Coast indigenous communities and African American heritage. | File photo by Eileen Stukane
Octoer 2023, south side of West 37th Street: Artist Dennis RedMoon Darkeem highlights the interconnectedness of people, as shown in the profiles above. The block-long mural also captures the bright colors of indigenous medicine wheels. | File photo by Eileen Stukane
One of the pandemic-era Meatpacking District murals painted by Theresa Rivera. | File photo courtesy of the Meatpacking District BID


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