Letters to The Editor: Week of April 30-May 6, 2019

Reader Feedback From Articles, Following Our April 23 Launch:

Re: The Memes of Mad King Donald

Good to see you back, Max. We expect great things of you. | Ruth Werner

You had me at the intersection of paragraphs 10 and 11. Yes I caught the intentional (?) double entendre. Great to have you back. | Rjeff


Re: Closing of Western Beef Would Leave Chelsea a Food Desert

Snap is accepted by Whole Paycheck, it also sells regular milk. | Bicycle Joe


Re: Sex as an Evangelist: An Excerpt from the Memoir of Gerald Busby

I remember Angel Martinez very well (and, of course, Dr. Bailes). I didn’t know you later toured with him!
 The sample of your writing is very impressive. You clearly have many talents. | Charles Rorie


Notes from Donors to our GoFundMe campaign:

I am very interested in this publication–in particular, the article on Gerald Busby, the great composer and friend to artists. | Walters LaWanda

At a time when the free press is in jeopardy as never before we need to make sure our local press survives and provides the voice we deserve. | Pamela Wolff

Good luck Scott from your friends at WERRRK.com! | Chiffon Dior

We need stories about the people and their activities in Chelsea. |Linda Longstreet

I donated because this is a critical need to the residents of Chelsea. | Robert and Phyllis Waisman

Good luck! We need this. | Carol Ott

I donated because we need a new source of news in Chelsea. | Paul Groncki

Local news is important for our community. | Alexander Dupuy

Very important to have local news reported. | Michele Smith & David Weinberg Smith

This is a great project! |Peter Michael Marino

I want investigative reporting in Chelsea. Highest Property Taxes i the city- empty storefronts, no parking. After 40 years here we still see lots to report on. | Ellen Wexler

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