Letters and Reader Comments: June 2019

Photo by Michelle M. Tokarczyk

Dear Editor

The construction of yet another upscale apartment building in Chelsea is not only inconveniencing people; it is also endangering them. On the northwest corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue, the sidewalk has been closed. A narrow space in the street has been set aside for pedestrians and bikes (see photo). The pedestrian lane is too narrow, so pedestrians frequently walk in the equally narrow bike lane. The situation is extremely hazardous, and there is virtually no oversight from the construction crew.

Someone should be present to direct pedestrians and cyclists to their dedicated lanes—especially during the morning and evening rush hours. The construction company should be responsible for supervising and paying individuals with these duties. This construction site is just one more example of how the proliferation of market-rate housing benefits only a few, but hurts many. Those who will reap the benefits should assume both more responsibility and more costs.–Michelle M. Tokarczyk

Reader Comments From Our Website

Re: After Congestion, Blockage Complaints, LaserShip Focuses on New Unloading Location

LaserShip is lying about their process. Before using the space on 9th Avenue, they were using a sidewalk bridge on West 13th Street, blocking the sidewalk and parking spaces. The packages they were sorting were not for West 13th Street, but for deliveries all over the West Village. When I walked by and took a photo of the packages, I was assaulted by one of the LaserShip workers. Luckily for me, there was a New York City traffic agent walking by who stopped the LaserShip worker from continuing to assault me, a 71-year-old woman. The LaserShip workers are thugs and operate like a gang.–Harriet T. Brand

Re: New W. 16th St. Community Pool (not) Installed on ‘Prison-Like Einhorn/FEC Building’ 

The Einhorns may eventually live on our block, but they’ll never be embraced as good neighbors. Their dishonest representation of their building plans… initially to build a new building in keeping with the low-rise brownstone buildings, but then greedily buying air rights above the French Evangelical Church so they could build an 11-story institutional-appearing building, in stark contrast with the many beautiful pre-war buildings on the block… creates friction between them and the neighbors. Friction that they’ve created. Swim with caution.–Phil Gautreau

A partner of theirs, Pierre Bastid, has created havoc on West 69th Street as well. Destroyed two historic townhomes 48-50 West 69th Street. He has been busy excavating 38 feet deep into the earth. Why? To build a swimming pool. He and his buddies seem to have a fondness for pools. Please sign our petition and help preserve our neighborhoods against ruthless developers like these: http://chng.it/CnW85Mb57n–Kirby Sommers

You would have thought that they could at least have used the same color brick as the church. I walked by the other day. It sure is ugly.–Pierre Lamoureux


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