Reader Comments: Week of July 22, 2019

Re: CB4 Proposal Counters NYCHA’s Vision for Demolition at Fulton Houses (news, July 19, 2019)

The whole concept of selling off publicly owned properties to private developers in order to get cash to maintain other public properties is fundamentally wrong. What could be more shortsighted? Public housing, like public parks, should be maintained by taxpayers. Public funds should be invested in such a way to produce sustainable sources of income for ongoing maintenance. Anything else is just foolish.—Pamela Wolff


Re: PS11 Construction Changing Sights and Sounds of Chelsea (news, July 17, 2019)

The school has no accessibility plans to make it available to families with mobility issues. I worked with a child whose mother was in a wheelchair and she could not attend school events, and met with his teacher only in the public not private yard setting. An elevator or ramp would have transformed the accessibility. Surely there are others with difficulty with steps temporarily or permanent, who use walkers or canes, or wheelchairs. I contacted [Council District 3] Rep [City Council Speaker] Corey Johnson, and was told this is not on the radar or agenda. Why not?—Miriam Fisher


This is a very helpful article with lots of important information. I live on that block, and will dearly miss the mural. It would be wonderful if the Brazilian artists could return in 2021 and paint another one. Noise in NYC is a big problem, and our neighborhood will need to keep on top of the rules in place to keep the construction workers to the permit regulations. There has been a steep reduction in parking spaces on the block as well.—MAR


I like the art. Not happy about all construction going on. And the mural doesn’t represent the neighborhood’s Puerto Rican community. As a Puerto Rican who has lived all of my life in Chelsea, that was my personal issue with the mural.—Norma Aviles


The article was very informative, thank you. They have taken out all the bicycle parking hoops, save one. We really need more, as we have many regular bicycle commuters on the block. What can be done about that? I am also concerned about the street trees that are encased by construction fencing and netting, making it difficult to water them, or clean out trash. Thirdly, that hideous Giant stares right into my living room, and I agree with Pam Wolff. The community should have had the right to input. I really hope it never comes back.—Anne R


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