Honored to be Entrusted: Statement From Erik Bottcher, After the June 22 Primary

Erik Bottcher’s message to supporters is identical to the first two words of the “Golden Girls” theme song. Coincidence? | Photo courtesy Friends of Erik Bottcher

From New York City Council District 3 candidate Erik Bottcher, on the evening of June 22’s Primary

Dear Friends:

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you and the voters of District 3 for choosing me to represent our community on the New York City Council. Words cannot express how honored I am to have been entrusted with this awesome responsibility.

On election night, we celebrated at the Chelsea Bell with the many volunteers and supporters who made our win possible. Also in attendance were my parents, Linda and Jerry Bottcher:

He called it his favorite photo of the night: In foreground, Erik Bottcher’s proud parents, on Primary night. | Photo courtesy of Friends of Erik Bottcher

Mom and Dad taught me the importance of love–for one another, and for community. They taught me the importance of doing the right thing, no matter what. These are the values that drive me every day.

Click here to watch my remarks on election night.

I want to thank Aleta, Manri, Leslie, Phelan, and Arthur for running, and I look forward to partnering with them to continue serving our community together.

To the hundreds of volunteers who powered our grassroots campaign. Thank you. You made over 50,000 phone calls to voters, collected 4,681 petition signatures to get me on the ballot, and spent countless hours in the hot sun and in the pouring rain to spread our campaign’s message.

I’m so proud of the campaign we ran. We ran a positive campaign of big ideas, on issues like addressing the mental health crisis, increasing employment opportunities for people in our district who have been left behind, investing in transportation infrastructure, affordable housing, sanitation services, public education, and so much more.

The challenges facing our city are big, but as I have always said, I firmly believe that if we come together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

As the voters have reassuringly declared, New York City’s best days are still ahead.

Yours always,



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