What’s Going On at All 8 CB4 March Committee Meetings

BY SCOTT STIFFLER | World-weary policy wonks with the need for speed will lavish their attention upon the first-Wednesday-of-the-Month, breakneck paced full board meeting of Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4)–but detail-oriented deep divers will tell you the real action takes place at the eight monthly committee meetings, from which letters are generated, and from whose recommendations the board’s full membership will approve, as is, more often than not. So show up for the full board meeting, by all means. But if you’re the kind who skips to the last chapter because you like to know how it all ends going in, CB4 committee meetings are where it’s at.

Meeting dates/times/locations were current as of CB4’s info of 2/24/23 and are, as such, subject to change. Please visit MCB4’s Online Calendar or call the MCB4 office (212-736-4536) for confirmation. In addition, all public meetings are streamed live and recorded on MCB4’s Youtube Channel .

Wednesday, March 8, 6:30pm via Zoom: Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Land Use Committee (CHKLU) | A presentation is followed by a vote. “Help expand NYC Affordable Housing Citywide,” says the 5 Borough Housing Movement on their website, in a prelude to the letter you’re asked to sign off on, sent to NYS lawmakers as an encouragement to pursue and secure legislation “allowing existing commercial buildings in Manhattan to convert to residential use.”

That’s but one of the proactive pursuits likely to be part of the Movement’s presentation to CHKLU. Then, the committee will discuss Madison Square Garden’s Special Permit application. To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 961 7200 0913.

Thursday, March 9, 6:30pm via Zoom: Waterfront, Parks & Environment Committee (WPE) |ConEd will present their case for permit renewal for Pier 98 (at W. 58th St.). To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 935 1888 4814.

Open Plans presents to ACES, on their School Open Streets plan. | Screenshot from Open Plans website by CCNews

Monday, March 13, 6:30pm via Zoom: Arts, Culture, Education & Street Life Committee (ACES) | The meeting opens with an Open Session—an opportunity for community members to share their perspectives on issues that are important to them connected to Arts, Culture, Education, and Street Life. Then, there will be a presentation by the PS 51 PTA on the matter of funding needs; a presentation by Open Plans on the School Open Streets program. On their website, Open Plans notes their mission “is to transform the streets of New York City to be truly livable for the residents of this city.” They go about that via the use of “tactical urbanism, grassroots advocacy, policy and targeted journalism to promote structural reforms within city government.” Yikes! Rarely has the advancemnt of a good cause sounded so… creepy. Hopefully, the inquiring minds on the ACES committee will ask some post-presentation questions to find out if the abovementioned quotes are just the work of a particularly peppy copywriter or if there’s something truly sinister afoot…. “targeted journalism.” What’s up with that? Also scheduled is a presentation by the NYC Department of Education on the matter of Adult Education programming. A discussion of business, old and new, concludes the proceedings. To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 961 6164 5211.

Tuesday, March 14, 6:30pm via Zoom: Business License & Permits Committee (BLP) | New Liquor, Wine, Beer & Cider license applications will be considered for, among others Domino NYC LLC (244-250 W. 26th St.) and Theory Lounge LLC (331 W. 38th St.). New Wine, Beer & Cider license applications will be considered for Janku Consulting Inc. (322 W. 50th St.) and Sinn West LLC (525 W. 53rd St.). To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 996 7780 9240.

Wednesday, March 15, 6:30pm via Zoom: Transportation Planning Committee (TPC) | TPC will, alongside the WPE committee, see a presentation regarding curbside electric vehicles and charging stations, which will then be put before a vote. Elsewhere in the meeting, the MTA will present on the Quill Bus Depot project. A vote will follow a presentation regarding the updated design plans for 675 Avenue of the Americas. Likewise, a vote will follow a presentation by retailer B&H, regarding their request for curbside trash pickup. To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 973 3488 0256.

NY Foundatioin for Senior Citizens presents to HHHS regarding their Home Sharing Program. | Logo via the Foundation website

Thursday, March 16, 6:30pm via Zoom: Housing, Health & Human Services Committee (HHHS) | The HHHS committee will see a presentation regarding the Health Equity and Access to Care (HEAC) Project, as well as a presentation by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens regarding their Home Sharing Program. There will also be a presentation on NYC Smoke-Free’s youth and community engagement initiatives and services. Tentatively scheduled is a presentation by the NYC Department of Homeless Services and social service provider Hogar, regarding West 39th Street’s temporary hotel sanctuary shelter as well as a presentation by Essence Development and NYCHA, regarding the Chelsea NYCHA Development Plan. To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Webinar ID: 955 2999 9182.

Monday, March 20, 6:30pm via Zoom: Chelsea Land Use Committee (CLU) | The CLU will vote on the matter, after seeing a presentation by the 5-Borough Housing Movement (for details, see this roundup’s March 8 listing for agenda items addressed by the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Land Use Committee. There is also a tentatively scheduled presentation by Essence Development and NYCHA to present on Chelsea NYCHA Development Plan (this matter was also tentatively scheduled for the March 16 CB4 Housing, Health & Human Services meeting To register to attend the CLU’s live March 20 Zoom-held meeting, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805. Meeting ID: 420 721 312.

Monday, March 27, 6:30pm via Zoom: Executive Committee (EXEC) | The agenda was TBD at press time. To register, click here. By telephone: 646-518-9805 Webinar ID: 916 5217 3279.

The Next Full Board Meeting of CB4 is Tuesday, April 4, 6:30pm | To register, click here. To attend via phone, call 646-518-9805. The Webinar ID is 986 0945 5541.

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