Back in the Sweet Treats Biz: As of Nov. 27, Donut Pub Doors Open (Quite Possibly in Perpetuity)

The scaffolding is down and spirits are up, as The Donut Pub anticipates restoration of its 24/7/365 presence on the corner of West 21st St. & Seventh Ave. | Photo by Scott Stiffler
November 25, 2023: In-house baked goodies (bottom corner, left) give passersby a taste of things to come–visually speaking, of course, | Photo by Scott Stiffler

BY SCOTT STIFFLER | Devoid of product and people for nearly 14 months, The Donut Pub (W. 14th St. & Seventh Ave.) will be up and running again as of 6am on Monday, November 27.

As we noted in our article of July 21, 2023 (Sweet Relief for the Glazed and Confused: Donut Pub to Resume its 24-7-365 Presence Soon), the Pub’s prolonged absence from West 14th Street and Seventh Ave. came after October 2022’s partial collapse of a basement wall sent the Pub packing, along with other retail tenants and residents.

For a weary NYC still smarting from the strange dishes served up by well-meaning Thanksgiving dinner hosts, The Donut Pub’s return promises to glaze over those culinary transgressions with, well, glaze. And although a few surprises are in store, owner Buzzy Geduld says they’ll be gracing their doughy delights with the same clear, sugary sheen that’s been turning first-timers into long-timers since the store opened in December of 1964.

“Pretty much everything will be back,” Geduld assures, including “our traditional menu of donuts; thirty to forty of them, from honey-dipped to crullers to jelly-filled, and croissant donuts.” What’s more, the Pub’s Grand Poobah says some of the donuts in the store’s upgraded front window display case will be topped with season-appropriate sprinkles throughout the year (red and green for the Holidays; orange and black for Halloween; that kind of thing).

Inside, save for some new flooring and touch-up paint jobs, the Mom’s-diner-meets-Pop’s soda shop look soldiers on, having survived nearly six decades standing its ground while outside observers declared it “old-fashioned,” “retro cool” and “iconic,” based on the cultural barometer of any given decade.

Geduld attributes the store’s long shelf life and loyal customer base to the fact that “Donuts have been around since World War I. They’ve always been a comfort food—an inexpensive treat people can afford. People come and say, ‘Boy, this is really great’ and leave with a smile on their face, and come back.” But the real winner in the quest for consistency may be the fact that most of The Donut Pub’s own people—the baking crew, the counter crew, and manager Zack—will be back at work when The Donut Pub opens its doors and keeps them open quite possibly in perpetuity (“24/7/365” are the easy to remember, rarely strayed from store hours).

Of course, seeing is believing—so we’ll hold off on further comment until we can stop by, sample much of the menu, and report back. If you’re a light touch to do the same, send your ruminations to our founder/editor via email. We’ll return to the topic at hand soon, with in-house and reader-written reviews.

Considered “classic,” “retro,” and “iconic” at various points over the decades, The Donut Pub’s little-changed aestheic will greet customers (alongside the return of longtime menu items). | Photo by Scott Stiffler


Yes, the much-missed chicken and pizza place right next to The Donut Pub appears poised for a comeback as well. We’ll be bringing you that story, along with tales of returning residents, soon. | Photo by Scott Stiffler


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