My CoviDiary: The November Entries

Illustration by Max Burbank


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Oh, and by the by, we’ve stopped deleting the “uc” part of Mr. Burbank’s liberal use of the “F” word because, well, when he invokes it, it’s in the service of a righteously angry response to the times we’re living in. So, you know, Trigger Alert: Spicy language abounds, should you choose to proceed ahead.

And you KNOW Kayleigh McEnany would be all OVER that shit, because that young lady has proven there is no level of indignity and debasement she is not giddy to engage in on Trump’s behalf. There’s no line too far for any of them. No line they won’t cross the instant they are asked.

And it is now 1:00 AM on a night I had not intended to write anything.

Jesus… FRIKKIN’… Wept.


None of these people, from Trump himself to the lowliest intern, could be trusted to tie their own shoes. This is the Velcro administration. God lord, they cannot even take the most minor precautions to stop passing around a potentially lethal virus like it’s… like it’s… Jesus, I don’t even know, some thing a group of morons passes around amongst themselves on account of how unimaginably moronic they are. A particularly puzzling Bakugan. A handful of soup. I DON’T KNOW!!

Don’t get me wrong. I truly think they are up to something staggeringly un-American. An act of betrayal and treachery on a scale never before seen in our history. But I also think they will, to a last man, trip over their own dicks on the way there, faceplant, bloody their ridiculous pugs, stagger to their feet and say, “I did that on purpose! I fell and hurt myself on purpose! It was a joke! And you fell for it! Man, do you guys ever look stupid!”

Except it will come out “Mahd, do you guyth evuh loohg thtoo-pihd.”

Because every one of their noses will be broken.




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